To play devil's advocate here, as someone that is a coach, I understand the approach. A lot of times a person will feel a connection with a coach, but their own internal resistance to change, paying money, and the work that is needed to make changes rears it's ugly head as a showstopper. Which means the person walks away without help, and just continues to soldier on on their own. I don't advocate the pushy approach, personally, though. Would rather just let those people go. I set up a time a few days in the future, and if it's a no, so be it. In this case she could have done that and you might have come back to her with a yes. 2 days is not a long time to give someone to think a decision over - she should have backed off here for sure. Ideally, her coaching would be the thing to guide you to be able to eventually make those decisions quicker, if it's something you want for yourself.



IT manager. I love a cozy couch and some good reading.

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