This is so true. I try hard to steer clear of that 'bubble' sort of thinking. As someone that currently has a full time job in IT plus a side business, the business going on can lead to under-recognizing the part that personal privilege plays in the day to day for many.

In this pandemic world we live, it there are some regular reminders everywhere that the unemployment numbers are high, and there are people with serious issues relative to money and personal safety.

The ego constantly requires work to keep in check. I try to regularly give thanks for this great life and the regular opportunities abounding. My ability, and yours, to try to give back with writing and other means is also a matter of great privilege. To be able to make money with those endeavors feels like the greatest thing ever to me. Using our passions to change lives!

I have noticed that there can also be so many interpersonal issues when you work in tech. Combine the dangerously smart introvert/sitting in a dark room with 3 screens personality that lots of tech people have with the above, and it can be a mess. Learned so much empathy and putting myself in other's shoes through the constant scrapes that can happen in the world that is project management and tight deadlines.

These are all opportunities for growth, right? Thanks for addressing this very pertinent topic. Great read!



IT manager. I love a cozy couch and some good reading.

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