The thing is, he's not just an executive in charge of a fortune 500 company (although he's pretty much bungled all of those executive situations pretty badly too.) He's the leader of a country, and protecting people from death is part of that job, not just protecting the economy and preventing massive stock market fluctuations. He disbanded that team as a concerted effort to undo as many of the actions of his predecessor as possible. Clearly knew in February that this was a serious issue. Continued to state to the American public that it would be gone soon, disappear after a 'miracle' happened, and refused to mandate any federal protections, leaving everything to the state governments to handle as they chose. Basically to wash his hands of any responsibility for the results of any closures or loss of life. I wish I could have your optimistic point of view of his good intentions and desire to protect people other than himself and those that vote for him in this country. His actions, time and time again, have shown complete disregard for others. When asked about masks at his rallies, his answer was that he didn't need one as he is so far away from everyone on the stage. He couldn't even comprehend that the question was about all of the maskless supporters at his rallies. Literally cannot be bothered to care. He wonders aloud why on earth anyone would enlist to fight a war - 'what was in it for them'. These are all evidence based facts. If you prefer to just continue to assume positive intention and action without evidence of it, it's better we just end this conversation here. Which is probably for the best, now that I think of it. Facts aren't going to change your mind. I've had multiple conversations like this with others, and their views don't change. No matter how many facts and soundbites are provided as evidence. Just had to say all of this anyway, because, bad habits!



IT manager. I love a cozy couch and some good reading.

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