Thanks so much for the kind words!! I feel the same. It sounds like you have also struggled a lot in life, right? After a certain point, it just feels like yet one more thing we get to go through :-) Helping others avoid some of the problems that I've faced has honestly become the way that I process all of this. And make sense out of all the crap in the past. We're kind of the canaries in the coal mine.

But also, there are SO many of us! It really shocks me when I compare how much of the population is autistic based on the estimate I mentioned. And compare that to how many people I see at work, many of my friends and family are probably also on the spectrum. I literally feel like I am surrounded by these people, who I consider are my people! How many people in your world do you notice many of these traits in? I'm sure there are a lot, as we tend to stick together, so we don't always see when we're acting different than so-called 'normal' people act.

A different way of looking at it, no? I plan to write a future article about this - its in the works.

Maybe one day it will become something to brag about, like being a billionaire. It could happen, ha ha!



IT manager. I love a cozy couch and some good reading.

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