Thank you so much for the kind words, and for voicing your thoughts! I believe many of the people that are being diagnosed later in life are doing so after seeking a diagnosis for their children. I highly recommend the book 'Autism in Heels' to you. It is by a woman that has been speaking for many years on the subject. She also found her way to this topic and pursued her own diagnosis after researching her daughter's many health issues.

I would encourage you to pursue a diagnosis if you feel that would be helpful. I personally worked with a coach that works with people on the spectrum. Her immediate feedback, and advice on research I could do was enough for me to begin the process of finding the answers I had been searching for for a good 20+ years.

There is so much to learn about the subject. From masking (or hiding our coping mechanisms in order to not reveal ourselves as neurodivergent) to the frequent periods of overwhelm that many of us feel due to needing to mask all day every day. I plan to write more articles like this one. They are in the works.

Best of luck to you and your son on this journey. It is such a rich one, and you will learn so much more about yourselves in the process. <3



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