I choose to go based on past documented things he has said. There are many reports of how he treated the black dealers at his casinos, particularly the Taj. Floor managers would actually pull all of the black dealers off the floor when he and Ivana made trips to visit. If they didn't, suddenly they would hear criticisms of how the workers of this specific race looked 'dirty'. When there are so many substantiated cases of this sort, it speaks to a general pattern of behavior. His father was also sued multiple times for racially discriminating against who was allowed to rent apartments in his buildings. There was a longstanding pattern of discriminatory behavior, as evidenced by the two of them. These were also substantiated by DT's niece, Mary.

The man is also a proven liar, through and through. The media has lost count of the number of lies he has told in his presidency, over 20k at last count I believe? At this point, there's a greater probability of something he says is a lie than the truth.

Do I believe he is still a racist to this day, and that he actively solicits the votes of white supremacists as key supporters to his campaign? Absolutely! That he loves evangelicals? No, I think he mocks them regularly based on multiple articles and reports. Do I believe he cares about anyone but himself when it comes to covid? Again, absolutely not.

He clearly knew in February how contagious the illness is, according to the newest Woodward tapes. Yet, he continues to have open rallies with hundreds of mask-less supporters. I just don't see any evidence of his being misconstrued by the media. Has his atrocious behavior become par for the course? Yes, absolutely. I might agree with you about confirmation bias. After seeing all of the many ways he has acted reprehensibly, I can't unsee it. Nor can I trust a single thing he says. This is probably the reason why the American public is so polarized when it comes to this man.

Accounting Systems manager. I love a cozy couch and some good reading.

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