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  • Shivangi Sood Jhawar

    Shivangi Sood Jhawar

    Cake artist trying to figure out life and herself. I speak my thoughts as they come, no filters 🇮🇳🍰

  • Amanda Biwoye

    Amanda Biwoye

    Follow my journey of words to hitting a million.

  • Diarmaid Mcmenamin

    Diarmaid Mcmenamin

    Dad. Husband. Urgent Care GP. Interest in Management, Leadership, Personal Finance and Property

  • J. Whit

    J. Whit

    Serious business woman.

  • Lauren L. Rollins

    Lauren L. Rollins

    Policy exec, defender of democracy, anti-bullshit megaphone.

  • John Stoltenberg

    John Stoltenberg

    Radical feminist author (Refusing to Be a Man, The End of Manhood), novelist (GONERZ), and theater reviewer (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Stoltenberg)

  • Adam Murauskas

    Adam Murauskas

    Relationship Coach | Top Writer. Free relationship quiz at FixYourPicker.com. Writing about healing relationships, self-care, and mental health.

  • Umar Imran

    Umar Imran

    Tech Writer and Human Behavior Researcher

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